Work Examples

Alternative Procedures for a CIH Reference

In the event that no CIH is available who is familiar with the applicant’s industrial hygiene work, the applicant may substitute a reference from an individual certified at the professional level by an organization whose industrial/occupational hygiene certification scheme has been recognized by the International Occupational Hygiene Association/IOHA.

Another alternative is to provide three written work examples which:

  • Demonstrate a range of the work experience claimed as industrial hygiene practice.
  • Represent the scope of the time period claimed; e.g. one should be from the beginning of the time period, one from about the middle and one should be current.
  • Are signed and dated by the applicant or otherwise identifiable as the applicants work.
  • Are reasonably concise, but complete enough to demonstrate the information listed above.

Any information which is believed to be confidential, proprietary, or sensitive can be blocked out.

Work examples will not be returned to the applicant unless specifically requested.