Shrenik Manharlal Ranpura, CIH, CSP

Shrenik Manharlal Ranpura, CIH, CSP

"I am really glad that I have my CIH because it helped a passionate, small town IH student to achieve the dreams of his life. CIH completely changed my life from the way it was going before certification. CIH has not only helped to gain professional growth, but respect from IH community, peers, and society. Being a non-English medium student through-out school, CIH preparations also improved my command of English vocabulary.

I passed my CIH in November 2010. The first professional breakthrough happened unexpectedly by receiving promotion in just one month. Acquiring CIH certification built confidence in my company’s management to give me increased responsibility to handle EHS in one of chemical plant. The CIH accelerated my growth in the IH field and I was given responsibility to manage the Industrial hygiene program for five manufacturing plants in May 2012. CIH learning helped me to implement various innovative IH programs across these plants and solve traditional IH issues with technical solutions. I was recognized as an APAC regional Subject Matter Expert (SME) team member, as well as a member of the IH audit team conducting IH audits at various manufacturing sites in the APAC region. CIH built confidence in me to acquire Certified Safety Professional (CSP) certification in January 2012. My CIH certification led to an invitation as an IH faculty for OHTA (Occupational Hygiene Training Association) approved training program conducted in February 2012, in India. One of my company’s business units invited me to be a faculty to conduct IH training awareness for customers. I recently have the opportunity to serve to the India IH community being appointed as secretary and treasurer to the Central Industrial Hygiene Association, India a non-profitable organization promoting IH awareness in India.

Overall, CIH helped me to gain respect, professional growth, personal satisfaction, confidence, bright career prospects, and an opportunity to serve the community and industries in both the US and India.

Below is a summary of my accelerated growth after acquiring CIH certification.

November 2010 - Acquiring CIH certification
January 2011 - Promotion
January 2011 - Appointed as site EHS Manager
July 2011 - Invited by company business unit as IH faculty
January 2012 - Acquired CSP certification
February 2012 - Invited to be IH faculty to OHTA approved courses.
May 2012 - Appointed as company Industrial Hygienist for all five country manufacturing plants.
November 2012 - Appointed by company as Asia Pacific (APAC) IH subject matter expert (SME) and APAC IH audit committee member
May 2013 - Appointed as Secretary and Treasurer to Central Industrial Hygiene Association, India"