Minimum Requirements

Diplomates may recertify by successful Examination or by submitting a CM Worksheet which meets the following minimum requirements.

     Sum of all Categories
Category 4 - Points (Hours)
Diplomate Cycle ^
Total Points IH *
IH Ethics +
60 months 40 10 (60 hrs) 0.33 (2 hrs)
60 months 35 10 (60 hrs) 0.33 (2 hrs)

^ All Diplomates are assigned to a 60 month CM Cycle with one exception. Any Diplomate with a Cycle End Date of June 30, 2016 is on the one-time 54 month cycle UNLESS the person initially passed the Exam in spring 2011 or the person is on a cycle extension.

* For those with the IEQ sub-specialty, at least 5 points (30 hours) must be in air quality.

+ The IH Ethics credit also counts as IH credit.